Tenant Information


  • Leases can be signed in the office or online via Adobe Sign. Each tenant must have their own email address to sign online. 

  • Security Deposit & Pet Deposits are due at the time of lease signing.  

Move In

  • Utility information will be provided upon lease signing. Please make sure utilities have been transferred over by your lease start date. 

  • Keys and your move in check list will be available for pick up at the office at 12:00pm on the first day of your lease. The first month's rent is due at this time. 

  • We will give you the information of our designated vendor to arrange for a re-keying of the property. This is to be done through our vendor only. Move in checklists are due 7 days after receipt. 


  • Maintenance request can be submitted online via your tenant portal, by email or by calling the office phone number. Please note: For maintenance emergencies, please call the office phone number. Do not email, text or submit via the portal.  (Office ph: 970-377-2717) 

  • We perform routine seasonal maintenance every spring and fall. Emails will be sent out with vendor contact information and tips to care for your rental property. 

Lease Assignments / Roommate Changes

  • If you need to move out of your property sooner than expected, you will need to "assign" your lease to a new tenant. Your responsiblity for the rent, utilities, and care of the home will not end until the new tenant's lease term begins.  

  • The fee to assign your lease is $350. You will need to submit the Tenant Request to Terminate Form with the fee in place to begin.  

Move Out 

  • Your move out walkthrough will be scheduled for the last day of your lease unless an earlier day is requested. 

  • An email with the move out cleaning checklist will be sent to you two weeks prior to your move out.